In August 2014, I was invited to inspire university students to give back to their communities at CETYS University in Mexico. I did a bunch of research which led me to the basic premise that when people give back to others, they become HAPPIER. This is where The Happiness workshop  was born and I ended up being featured on the local news(!).

I then decided why not take The Happiness Workshop around the world. So I did.

The Happiness Workshop has been across 3 continents and dozens of countries including: Norway, Italy, Finland, the U.S., Thailand, Japan, and many others. 
(Feel free to check out my Speaker demo video for more!)

Then in 2016 my mom was diagnosed with early onset dementia, which set me in a tailspin of depression. I ended up hitting the PAUSE button on 2017 and taking the year off and in.

Happiness took on a different meaning for me thereafter. It was less about being happy all the time, and more about sitting and accepting the difficult emotions I was dealing WITH at the time. It became more about growing. I realized when I was stuck and not able to grow, I felt unhappy

ENTER The On (line) Growing Journey (like The Happiness Workshop but slightly wiser?!).

My time off created a space in which I was free to do what I wanted to do and what I have always dreamed of doing: finishing my first book, creating a pop-up cafe serving healthy no-processed sugary desserts, becoming a certified Theta Healing® coach, working WITH a Theta Healing® coach, getting trained in the best tools, tips, strategies I include in this 9-week journey, and so much more.
I am so excited to be able to share this 9-week journey WITH you ONLINE after its predecessor, The Happiness Workshop and I have traveled to dozens of countries around the globe! 


We wanna help 1,000,000 On Growers. All you have to do is:

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Here's a sneak peek at our 9-Week Journey Ahead:

Week 0: What’s Important to you?
This simple 4-word question can have a profound and deep impact on your life and your growth if you take a little bit of time, a sip of coffee, and think about how you can live your life driven by what is actually important to you. Learn a simple yet profound growth tool to make sure you are aligned WITH you.
Week 1: Your WHY Matters
In Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, he talks about how most of us get the how and the what, but we don’t actually get to the why. Whether you’re looking to start a company, contemplating eating a burger, starting with your why can have a tremendous impact on not just your growth, but your decision-making. Walk away with a simple exercise to find your top why.
Week 2: Inner Critic Work
Whenever you step outside of your comfort zone, do you hear a voice? A voice that says, “No, you can’t. No, you shouldn’t. No, you’re not good enough…”? Turns out you’re not alone. Your inner critic is there just waiting…to be heard. Gain an incredible tool that will not only transform the way you GROW WITH your inner critic, but also transform the way you see your inner critic.

Week 3: Becoming Friends WITH Fear
How can we be friends WITH Fear? It sounds impossible. Yet when you ask people what is the number one obstacle between them and growth? It is some kind of fear. We push fear down, we ignore it. We
suck it up. There is an alternative way: You can face your fears and come out stronger. It is possible. Learn an amazing technique to become friends WITH not just one fear, but all of your fears.
Week 4: Forgiveness
Forgiveness is the often-overlooked F word in personal growth work. We spend a bit more time on its sibling, Fear. However, to let go of the past, anything holding us back in the past, we have to work on Forgiveness. Walk away with a writing tool that will transform the way you look at forgiveness for good.
Week 5: Limiting Belief Work
Perhaps the hardest, yet most rewarding work in personal growth, is limiting belief work. We have grown accustomed to living our lives based on limiting beliefs. We seek evidence to support these limiting beliefs in our lives at the expense of our own growth. Learn a creative and fun strategy to GROW through your limiting beliefs.
Week 6: Relationship Talk
When was the last time you felt stress? Did it have to do with a relationship in your life? Most of the time, our stress comes from relationships. No matter what the relationship, no matter how personal or professional the relationship is, relationships can make or break our personal growth. Pick up an invaluable and hands-on way to have your relationships be stress-free.
Week 7: The Mind Spa
After weeks of growth work, it is time for us to get out of our minds and into our bodies. That’s right. Your minds will have a spa day! Learn easy, yet powerful breathing techniques to stay calm no matter what is going on in your life. Even Navy Seals use these breathing techniques!
Week 8: Putting it All Together
In this last workshop, we will look back on the 8 weeks, practice gratitude in a deep and meaningful way, and bring our transformative journey to an end with a beautiful and heartfelt closing ceremony.

During my time working WITH depression, I really wished I had a growth-spirational toolbox.

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What awesome humans (like YOU) from around the world are saying... 


Kyla gives off huge positive vibes and her laughter is infectious haha. She is true to herself, appearing in her bunny headband every time haha. I love the opening (what is good) and closing (what are you grateful for). I love the growth tips Kyla gives each week; some of them really enlightened me and sometimes I am reminded of them while I am going about my life or when I am reflecting on my day. For example, 3 As, core values, the Web (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and what makes a good team (vulnerability, psychological safety). And many more... and not to forget the sharings we have with each participant-- no judging, just acceptance and encouragement."


"I was at a crossroads of either making my life better or continuing my cycle fighting the same state of funk every few months. I chose Kyla. I was vulnerable by opening up my deep closet of strong holding demons. She helped me discover those dark limiting beliefs that had manifested in all aspects of my life; even physically. I had constant back pain despite having seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist and had a clean health checkup.

Kyla took me through a process of discovery. She gave me the tools that helped me own my decision for a path of betterment and she brought to light the possibilities I could create for myself. With Kyla, I learned, my destiny was not already written for me. I am writing as I go; I am writing in my own happiness.
Kyla has changed my life and relieved my back pain


"It was truly a transformative engagement where I felt safe and nurtured to understand my issues in a self paced manner, not forced and the sense of empathy and genuineness was truly felt. It was great applying the tidbits that Kyla imparted and the mutual exchange was refreshing. As I learnt about my self and my epiphanies or acknowledging things, Kyla was also helping along the way like a supportive friend. Learning practical techniques in assessing my stress, my beliefs and reactions has made me more tolerant and accepting. Being WITH myself in a new way. The weeks WITH Kyla was life-changing and I will be forever grateful to Kyla for all that she did. "

We can't wait to grow WITH you, awesome human!

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